giftastic challenge

my contribution for this month's giftastic challenge's theme: cat. I'm a big fan of Warriocats. Bluestar attacking the dog

Getting back to fluffy watercolor

I have quitted animal drawing and water color when I got in gobelinschool. Everything was so design, graphic and cool that I was thinking "ok, let's stop doing useless boring academic stuff and let's give a shot at more contemporary style". I don't regret this decision but I do regret turning my back on something I love. Now I feel like I have so much so catch up on.

"dans le monde des hérissons" #1 la cantine #2 le psy

"dans le monde des hérissons" #1 LA CANTINE les hérissons se nourrissent de macarons "Hedgehog world" "1 UNI DINING HALL hedgehogs feed only of macarons.